GAD ELBAZ - Avinu Malkenu  גד אלבז - אבינו מלכנו

GAD ELBAZ - Avinu Malkenu גד אלבז - אבינו מלכנו

דירוג: (דורג 125 פעמים)   נצפה: 68,026 פעמים
גד אלבז - אבינו מלכנו. מתוך הסליחות.. מילים: מהמקורות. לחן: קרן סבנסקי. עיבוד: שי בכר. הפקה מוזיקאלית: גד אלבז מיתוך האלבום "בין הטיפות" nnהפקה: Zoab Entertainment LLCnייצוג וניהול אישי: שלומי כהןnלהזמנת הופעות: 0524339353 פקס: 153524339353nדוא"ל: shlomi@zoabmusic.comnהעמוד הרשמי בפייסבוק - Elbaz, an Israeli Jewish singer, has already climbed the charts by the age of 26 with three number one hit songs, "Halayla Zeh Hazman," "Or" and "Al Neharot Bavel." His music videos have been seen on Channel 24, and MTV of Israel. All of his CD's have climbed high on the charts and sold over 100,000 copies in Israel alone. nnGad began to sing and write music at age four. He first appeared with his father Benny Elbaz, a popular Israeli singer, accompanying him on the hit song "Father I Love You." Gad is featured on four CD's with his father and later broke out as a solo artist recording five albums of his own: "Walk in a Straight Path" in 1998, "Light at the End of the Tunnel" in 2003, "Meanings" in 2005, "Almost Quiet" in 2006, and his latest Between the Drops in 2007. nnGad's music intentionally captures both the observant and secular listener by mixing original and biblical texts with ballads, harmonies, middle-eastern rhythms and modern pop. Many of the songs are a collaboration between him and his wife Moran, where he composes the music and she writes the lyrics. nnGad believes that music can help bridge the gap between different peoples viewpoints in life. Recently, Gad has started performing duets with the incredibly talented secular music stars of Israel. These collaborations with Shlomi Shabbat, Shlomo Gronich, Itsik Shammel, Ovadia Chamma and Harel Moyel were a tremendous success and broke the boundaries between observant and secular music fans. Gad revels in these duets as it underscores his belief in spreading Jewish unity through music. nnIn August 2008, Gad made a historical and riveting performance at the 2,000 year old Roman amphitheatre in Caesarea, Israel. This show's purpose was to bring secular and religious Jews together in a show of unity through music. He has the distinction of being the first religious Jewish singer to ever perform there. In addition, Gad invited famous secular Israeli singers to sing with him at this historic performance. This concert was recorded by channel 24 of Israel and has been broadcasted on that channel frequently. nnGad is reaching audiences around the world as his music and message of unity are being embraced by Jewish communities worldwide. In 2009, he will be launching a multi-city world tour to promote his music and message. His goal is to help people renew their faith through music and empower them to live their lives with an open heart, faith in themselves and faith in G-d. nnGad currently resides in Israel with his wife Moran, his son Binyamin and his daughter Shir

הורדת שירים מיוטיוב

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